About Us


Our Story:

Created by engineers Stephen Buko and Richard Burg in 2017, Kerb was started on the principle that mapping and measuring the pedestrian foot traffic flow on sidewalks would be just as important as measuring vehicle flow. The team began testing early foot traffic measuring prototypes in late 2017 and finally settled on today’s collection and analysis model. Along the way the team completed the 1776 Startup Incubator, signed up dozens of Kerb Drivers, acquired first customers, was featured in CNN, launched in two cities, and has filed provisional patent applications. Kerb is evolving just as fast as tomorrow’s smart cities.

Our Mission:

At Kerb we will ethically measure the flow of pedestrians throughout the city for use real estate, SmartCity vehicles while embracing the 2016 EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

Five Year Vision:

Real Estate Valuations: Historically measuring foot traffic throughout major cities will help uncover underpriced emerging markets long before the market reacts. This includes REIT portfolio management and developer decisions where to build.

On-Demand Marketing: Local street level marketing should based upon the number of impressions created, just like any other marketing platform. We believe real time foot traffic reporting can help justify street level marketing prices.

Autonomous Vehicle integration: Pedestrian safety in the future looks more like data cooperation rather then defensive driving classes. As driverless cars become more popular, the ability to “see” pedestrians around every corner will dramatically decrease pedestrian fatalities.